Costs of Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle

When the University of Illinois began suffering the consequences of public and legislative anger about the unfair allocation of scholarships, efforts to control the public mood became expensive.

The Chicago Tribune reported on April 20, 2012 that, during a three month period, consultant, legal and public relations (or crisis management) expenses could reach $250,000.

The problem that confronted the University, and still affects it, differs from the crises that can emerge from behavior watched by Reputecture. But the University of Illinois situation produced responses that are typical when an organization finds itself exposed.

Did the outlays put the genie back in the bottle?

The University President’s Chief of Staff resigned in January. The President resigned in March. The University board held special meetings. Relations with teaching faculty felt an effect. In competition for student applications and for public support, the University occupied a weakened position.

And then there was that bill for approximately $250,000. (posted May 17, 2012)