Does Reputecture make crisis management obsolete?
Reputecture concentrates on the crises that result from human failings. Because we hope to eliminate an organization’s vulnerability to the harm executives and product/brand representatives can cause through lapses in behavior, yes, we do wish to make crisis management obsolete in that regard. However, crisis management remains useful and important when an organization is in danger from misfortunes of weather, fire, violence, product issues, supplier and partner actions, political decisions, and ill-formed public opinion.

Does Reputecture’s service involve monitoring of a person’s behavior?
Yes, it does. Reputecture brings to this aspect of business life what we already rely upon in many financial and personal circumstances. We are used to the auditing of companies’ financials; this helps us make decisions about investments and lending. When we board a commercial plane, we count on the oversight of those who are inspecting the aviation company’s compliance with maintenance and training requirements. The Reputecture service plan will reflect the responsibilities and mutual expectations contained in an agreement made between an organization and its executive or product/brand representative.

What if an executive or celebrity is unwilling to be monitored?
The company hiring the executive or celebrity will decide whether the company will risk the damage that can result from a human failing.

When the vetting of a new executive or a celebrity is thorough, does Reputecture serve a purpose?
The vetting of someone hired for an important role in an organization should be thorough. But that good report is like the snapshot of a new business partnership’s financials on one day. What about the succeeding days? Of course, the organization will continue to monitor its financial condition. Reputecture pays attention to the behavior and the situations that can grow into crises for the organization.

What if something shows signs of developing into a crisis?
When the client organization becomes concerned about a matter that can become a crisis, Reputecture will help the client make decisions and, if necessary, address public interest in ways that avoid or limit harm. Reputecture’s focus is on the anticipation and control of something before it is a crisis. We don’t want to repair the damage from a crisis. We want to avoid having the crisis at all.